Learn ideal aspect of Invicta 9937 watch from Invicta watches review

One of the best source to learn about a product is considered to be checking the reviews. Hence if you are planning to learn some of the best and most important aspects that must be learned before the purchase of a watch then you need to check out the invicta watches reviews. As far as the design of Invicta 9937 watch is considered it would resemble the Rolex submariner and is for obvious reasons the company has gained inspiration of that model have designed this watch. You will only be able to find a similar design but you can find some of the mesmerizing features that is different and is at a level of its own. There is a professional touch of Invicta on this model that only a person who wears this model would beable to make the difference clearly.

You can find the logo and the carving of the brand name on the back of the case if you really want to know if the model is of best design offered by Invicta. If you have been a great fan of classic submariner look but is out of your budget and hence just aspiring for the purchase of it someday then this is the best suited watch for you. According to the invicta pro diver 8926 review, this model is considered to be a watch that is of a much cheaper variant of the submariner design. Hence anyone with a great aspiration to buy a submariner for cheaper rates would be able to buy this model and feel proud at the same level as Invicta is a great watch making brand as well.

Mesmerizing aspects to learn from Invicta watches review

The outer design is just an imitation but the internal features and the aspects of the Invicta 9937 model is completely purposeful and would be a great watch for all those who love to take deep dives with the watch on them. When if you are wondering about the quality of the watch then it is made up of a stainless steel of value 316L type construction. There is also a Swiss automatic movement feature offered with the model, scratch resistant along with flame fusion crystal, coined edged bezel which is unidirectional and is without a doubt the utmost impeccable quality model from Invicta for a much cheaper price tag. The features would be easily comparable with the Rolex submariner and this watch would be much more emulating for the features offered for the price range.

You might think that the price of Invicta 9937 is more expensive than the identical type of Invicta model 8926, the sheer difference among these two models is the quality of the watch and the material grade that is used for the manufacture of this watch. This watch model is surely worth of the higher price tag added on it. The price for this watch when compared with the price of Rolex submariner would be nothing but a fraction of it and hence it has been very popular among the crowd who love submariner designs.

Morellato Feels It’s Time On Fifth Avenue

The Italian watch and jewelry brand opened its first freestanding store in the U.S. on Saturday, in New York’s landmark French Building at 551 Fifth Avenue. Designed by Milan-based SGS Architects, the 1,600-square-foot boutique houses Morellato‘s jewelry, watch, writing instrument and leather goods collections.

Morellato & Sector Group, which operates the Morellato and Sector divisions, as well as multiple watch and jewelry licenses, is a major player throughout Italy, with sales of $368 million. The Morellato brand encompasses 42 percent of the country’s fashion jewelry market share, according to the company.

In the last year, it opened several boutiques throughout the world in Shanghai; Panama; CancA*n, Mexico; London, and Berlin bringing the total freestanding store count to 57 worldwide. Marco Frison, chief executive officer of the firm’s U.S. subsidiary, Morellato & Sector USA, expects that, in the next three years, 40 percent of the company’s business outside Europe will take place in the U.S. He anticipates the new store will exceed $1 million in sales after its first year.

“Morellato wants to do things in the U.S. in the right way,” Frison said. “The distribution we have in Europe and the structure is something we cannot replicate exactly in the U.S., so we’re studying the right way to enter and the right moment to enter. This is a tough moment for the economy in general, but the Morellato concept is so strong in perceived value. We’re offering prices that are unbeatable, which puts us into a special positioning. We want to let our customers have a luxury experience and an emotional experience.”

All Morellato products range in price from $35 to $300. The new store will offer the firm’s accessibly priced jewelry and watches from its own labels Morellato, Sector and Philip Watches as well as from its licensed brands, which include Roberto Cavalli Timewear, Just Cavalli Time, Just Cavalli Jewels, Miss Sixty watches, Miss Sixty jewelry, Pirelli watches and John Galliano watches, launching next year. The company’s licensed products retail at higher prices, with Pirelli watches capping off the assortment at $14,750.

As to whether the firm is planning a larger-scale U.S. rollout, Frison said Morellato would prefer to remain a niche brand.

“We need to let Morellato enter slowly into the U.S. market,” he said. “Our strategy is not to open a lot of flagship stores. Our target mission is to let American people know more by having a few important locations. We are, however, considering an aggressive marketing campaign and examining our wholesale capabilities.”

Morellato is in talks to expand distribution into department and specialty stores. The firm’s Just Cavalli collection can be found throughout Nordstrom and Macy’s East.

Morellato dates back to 1930, when Giulio Morellato opened a watch repair shop in Bologna, Italy, before going on to specialize in leather watchbands. When he died in 1965, his closest colleague, Silvano Carraro, took over the firm. In the years following, a string of major investments were made in the company as it took on a leading role in European watchband marketing and licensing.

In 1990, Carraro turned over leadership of the company to his sons, Massiwmo and Marco, who are seeking to elevate the brand into a global player.

Chanel goes platinum

Chanel is building on its watch business, with platinum its latest addition.

The platinum-case watches with grosgrain straps will retail between $4,400 and $5,300, and will be in stores in November.

“Our watch business has been excellent,” said Holli Perone, executive director of watches for Chanel Inc. “It’s probably the fastest-growing division at Chanel.”

Chanel introduced watches in 1987, and now has 14 styles, including a diamond watch. The collection retails from $1,375 to $45,000, with the bulk of the watches at $2,000 to $10,000.

In addition to being sold in all of the firm’s 11 U.S. boutiques, the collection is offered in 25 department store doors and jewelry stores. Perone said distribution will be limited to the addition of less than a dozen doors over the next few years.